By: Michael Scher

“Twitter’s character limit is a double edged sword, making it possible for everyone to share quick thoughts with anyone, but making it impossible to convey a complex idea in 140 characters,” says Peter Roesler, President, Web Marketing ProsINC.

Twitter, the preferred social platform for succinct communication plans on expanding their traditional 140 character limit, identified as “140 Plus,” to possibly 10,000 characters in Q1, according to sources. However, how will these modifications align and affect marketer’s and consumer needs?
Specifically, Twitter’s character extension is a new product trial being implemented
where the characters will still be displayed without sacrificing the feel of the platform, while being teased a call-to-action to reveal more content by clicking on a tweet directly.

One of the many advantages to its current user face is that users can literally connect to anyone instantaneously in real time without having to draft long form passages. In view of this, Twitter wants to make this transformation shift seamlessly without disrupting the user’s current timeline and interface.

Most recently, Twitter integrated their Moments platform, where the most trending topics and stories can be accessed aligned around real-world and timely events, a much more elevated approach to hashtags except exemplified through content– imagery, video, and meme’s (i.e. a visual representation of the most talked about topics online).

And to shake things up even more, Twitter also plans on testing out a new functionality which empowers user tweets to break the order of their algorithm of where they’re typically posted, although the criteria hasn’t been highlighted as of yet. Currently, tweets are displayed in reverse chronological order—in essence, the newest tweet will be displayed last on the timeline, whereas Facebook pins it at the top.

In short, I just hope Twitter keeps the user front and center, while staying true to why it’s primarily used. Cognizant of their stock price fluctuating, evolving leadership changes and having only a fraction of Facebook and Instagram users, something must be done to ensure users this platform is advantageous for marketing.
What are your thoughts on Twitter expanding their character limit (pros vs. cons)? Any modifications they should integrate to win back allegiance with users? Primarily, what purpose do you use Twitter for? I would love to hear your input on this topic and as always, if you like what you read, be social and share. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @michaelscher27