I’m forever curious to know how other leaders enlist into their respective businesses, how they endured and what their day to day is like. I’m always quick to ask my athlete clients about how they started training in their sport. I want to hear about their parents going above the call of duty, getting them ice time at 3:00am or when they practice their 3 point shots at 4:00am before they had to get themselves and their siblings ready for school. And of course, the stories of how they were home schooled and sacrificed their childhood to be where they are today. These stories are always inspirational because of the mindset hard work, determination and tireless work ethic that they portray.

And then there is Adam Hochfelder. Adam Hochfelder has made quite the name for himself and has achieved success at an early age more than most people do in their lifetime. Known as the ‘Wharton Whiz Kid’ for his fast rise to fame, Hochfelder’s ability to leverage exclusive deals, fearlessness towards risk and endless ambition, helped him generate multimillion dollar deals as well as an impressive portfolio. He is so driven by ambition and passion for the real estate industry and he has a very interesting backstory as well.

He began his internship at Newmark & Co. before graduating from Wharton’s Real Estate Program at the University of Pennsylvania. He was one of those interns who was as the office at 7:00am working long hours and learning as much as he can from Newmark’s President, Barry Gosin who took notice of his work ethic. This internship turned out to be one of the most memorable ones which fueled his love for real estate because he was fully entrenched in all areas of business, combining finance, brick and mortar and human capital.

Shortly after his internship, Hochfelder became a partner at Max Capital. Under his stewardship, they acquired 230 Park Avenue. This wasn’t just any building, it belonged to New York real-estate moguls, Harry and Leona Helmsley. The deal and ownership of this 1,300,000 sq. ft. building was purchased for $253 million and was sold in 2006 to Istithmar, an investment firm owned by the royal family of Dubai for $705 million. They were also able to purchase 1440 Broadway for $250 million from Helmsley partners and turn it into a showcase. The iconic building had plenty of suitors, but they were able to figure out how to structure the deal and then transform it from a C-level Garment Center office building into a class A-credit enhanced property. They went on to acquire 350 Madison and then the Conde Nast building after meeting with Si Newhouse and Chuck Townsend, the top people at Conde Nast, who are still close friends of his.

In 1998, Hochfelder became one of the youngest people ever chosen to serve on the Real Estate Board of New York and was appointed to serve on NYC’s Economic Development Committee by Mayor Michael Bloomberg. In fact, he was also appointed by the Mayor to bring the 2012 Olympic Games to New York City.

As we fast forward to the Adam Hochfelder of today, he is the Managing Director of Real Estate Acquisitions & Development at Merchants Hospitality, Inc. (MHI). MHI is an investor, owner & developer of real estate and hospitality properties, including luxury residential and hotels, commercial buildings and the owner of some of NYC’s top-rated restaurants.

Recently, Merchants Hospitality acquired two boutique hotels in Manhattan which will be rebranded and announced this fall. Moreover, Merchants Hospitality is developing the Maplewood senior living facility on the upper east side.

Hochfelder has learned that the community is bigger than the business itself and that being successful isn’t measured necessarily by how much your worth, but more importantly, how much you give to those who really need it. He established a precedent that is built on helping others, sustainability and ensuring that the community you’re surrounded in is taken care of. Therefore, future generations, including his own children, learn from example. Hochfelder has funded the development of the NYC Parenting Center, which aids first time mothers in need; he also works with Home Depot and Habitat for Humanity, an initiative supporting low-income housing in New York and Philadelphia, as well as being a proponent for The THRIVE Network, which supports individuals and families with disabilities.

Last but not least, Hochfelder is motivated by his own family, his two wonderful sons, Preston and Henry and beautiful wife, Lisa Damiani Hochfelder. His boys are everything to him and inspire him to have fun and find the inner balance of work and play and above all, the importance of loyalty. Hochfelder’s sons were his two best men at his wedding as he was filled with nothing but immense pride to have them by his side. Lisa Hochfelder is an incredible woman who has a heart filled with so much love for Adam and his sons. The power couple is a great example of what love and respect signifies in a marriage.

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